Luther Stark
Japanese Name ルーサー・スターク
Rōmaji Name Rūsā Sutāku
Alias Rooster
Age 10
Gender Male
Hair Color
Eye Color
Ability Booster
First Appearance
Debut Chapter 32

Luther Stark is a birdman associated with Eden.


Luther is a young boy with spiked up hair.


Luther has an eager and outgoing personality. However, he doubts his own strength and wants to become as strong as Arthur C Phoenix.


Luther is among one of the seraphs that Arthur liberated from Eden's farms. He is in awe of Arthur's ability to kill a Blackout with one hit and seeks him for advice on how to become stronger.

He and the rest of the seraphs began to pillage supermarkets and homes for supplies, becoming a menace to humans and stirring up Eden's attention. Stopping at an island, Luther assists Arthur in creating an alpha wave that was large enough to cover the world, in order for Arthur to reach out telepathically to all seraphs around the world and announce his presence.

Luther later appears as one of the survivors of the genocide along with Robin Howard as they go to recruit Bat into their team.